Meet Kenneth Pages, MD

Sub-Investigator and TMS Affiliate


Drs. Kenneth Pages and Winderbaum Fernandez have been seamlessly co-managing the care of treatment resistant depression and mood disorder patients for over 10 years. At IPTB, Dr. Pages serves as a sub-investigator on multiple clinical trials focusing on Major Depressive Disorder. In affiliation with TMS of South Tampa we are able to offer patients the full complement of state of the art interventional psychiatric therapies. As one of the most experienced TMS doctors in the country, Dr. Pages was not only one of the first to provide TMS Therapy in Florida but he has devoted his practice to advancing the technology. He is a nationally recognized TMS provider and is actively involved in pushing the boundaries of how TMS can assist patients in their recovery and achieving remission. Our novel protocols such as combined esketamine/TMS therapy for treatment resistant depression have resulted in full recovery with sustained benefits and enabled patients to minimize oral medication use or avoid more burdensome treatment options.

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